Hungry Mermaid, by AKISATO Wakuni

Hungry Mermaid, by AKISATO Wakuni Title: Hungry Mermaid
Author: AKISATO Wakuni
ISBN# 4-09-136526-4
Flower Comics, 1997

Yes, I realize that I have the cover for volume 2 posted right there. The truth is, I didn’t have volume 1 when I wrote this summary, but I have been looking for it forever because volumes 2 and 3 are so funny! Now I have finally found volume 1! I have included a scan of its cover right *here*! I swear, I was laughing *so* hard when I reading this manga! You have no idea how giddy with laughter I got ^^ I still have to read more of volume 1 to see how all these characters met. Well, 2 of them are brother and sister, so that is an easy one, but I am not sure how the others first appeared on the scene. I will do my best to offer a summary to the insanity that is Hungry Mermaid with the volumes of it I have 🙂

Okay, the main two characters are Moi-chan (Moi ENGYOUJI) and her brother Isaku (Isaku ENGYOUJI). They are both really good body-boarders. Body-boarding is like surfing except the boards are smaller, and you lay on them instead of stand ^^ Ok, now here is where things get confusing. Most shoujo manga has some sort of love triangle situation in it, and this one is no exception. In fact it is more like a love hexagon ^^ And the even more interesting thing about it is that Moi-chan is the only girl involved in the tangle of relationships! Ooooh boy ^^ Actually, there really is a main core triangle of three people here. It all relates to the fact that Isaku is a great body-boarder, and his skill apparently gets him and his sister to America, where they move in with a friend of his. (Someone tell me if I am way~~~ off here!) That friend is named Rerie-san.

Things quickly get interesting in the new housing situation. Moi-chan finds herself attracted to Rerie. However so does Isaku! Ack, Isaku likes Rerie too ^^;; Now to add the other people. Kirain-san, this tall, slightly arrogant looking guy likes Isaku! Then there is Henri, who seems to be a person from Rerie’s past who has a liking for Rerie! Yikes! But who does Rerie like? That is the big question! 🙂 The events in this manga are so incredibly silly that I couldnt help but laugh out loud ^^ For example there is a scene where Kirain tries to take advantage of a drunk Moi-chan. he gets completely undressed when someone else arrives to save Moi. Now Kirain is totally naked in this scene as Moi-chan’s savior tries to get her out of there, but there all these strategically placed word baloons and people that you never see anything. I can’t explain it but it’s funny, really ^^ Ok, I am rambling now, I can tell:) Lets see Isaku has this great dream of having a child someday with the one he loves. Howeverthe one he loves is Rerie, and as they are both guys, that really isn’t possible. So, Isaku figures that the next best thing would be for Moi-chan…. Bwahaha. Ok I’ll stop babbling, pick this manga up, it has good art, lots of comedy, and little bit of shounen ai! 🙂