Aisuru Heart de Taihoshite, by ENJOJI Maki

Aisuru Heart de Taihoshite, by ENJOJI Maki
Title: Aisuru Heart de Taihoshite
Author: ENJOJI Maki
ISBN# 4-09-138594-X
Flower Comics, 2005

I really enjoy ENJOJI Maki’s art style and her humorous storytelling. My only problem is that most of her series are josei, meaning that they are aimed at a slightly older audience, and the language in the volumes is a bit beyond my reading level. I’m not fluent; my Japanese reading level is pretty much at the shoujo manga level. I can get a general idea of what is going on here, but not quite as much detail as I would understand in a book aimed at a younger audience. This is frustrating for me, I wish I could take more JPN classes! Anyway, I have had this book for ages, and have been meaning to talk about it for a while. It is a collection of short stories that does drift into the smutty fun category. The cover depicts the couple featured in the first story.

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