Usotsuki Lily, by KOMURA Ayumi

Usotsuki Lily, by KOMURA Ayumi
Title: Usotsuki Lily (Liar Lily)
Author: KOMURA Ayumi
ISBN# 978-4-08-846512-8
Margaret Comics, 2010

I picked up this book because I enjoyed another book by KOMURA Ayumi, Jousama no Tamago, which I talk about here. I didn’t recognize the author by name when I saw this, but the style of the cover of this is so similar to that book, I figured it must be by the same person, and I was right 🙂 This book is really sweet and silly, and crazy. It is the first volume in a series, and I am very curious about how far the author will go with the premise. In a sense, it reminds me a little of one of the few boys love series I talk about on here, Ai no Shintairiku by YAMADA Nari, only without the boys love part 🙂 (I know that sounds odd ^_^) I was actually going to talk about ‘Hot Milk’ the series Komura-sensei did after Jousama no Tamago and before this series, but this one turned out to be more interesting. I will probably talk about the other book eventually, though. Anyway, on to the summary…

SAOTOME Hinata is a 15 year-old first year high school student. The story begins in the spring, not long after school started, with that tried-and true story opener — a love confession. In this case, Hinata is the one being confessed to. And the guy doing the confessing? His name is SHINOHARA En, and he is incredibly cute! Hinata can’t believe this is actually happening to her! A really handsome, well-mannered guy is confessing! To HER! She pinches herself to make sure it’s real, and the pain she feels confirms she is still anchored to reality. Dazed and dazzled by En’s looks and manners, Hinata says yes, ecstatic that she had finally found her very first boyfriend! I like how strangers agree to date each other in shoujo manga. It just seems so odd to me, but interesting 🙂

But as she skips happily on her way to class, a thought clings to the back of her mind. Shinohara En… where has she heard that name before? He didn’t look familiar, but there is something about his name…. Hinata’s questions are soon answered when she gleefully tells her friends about her new boyfriend, and they all stare at her in shock. She’s going out with Shinohara En? Class 3’s Shinohara En? The cross-dresser?

Wait, what? Oh…. now Hinata remembers! Shinohara En is that boy who comes to school dressed as a girl! But why was he dressed as a boy during his confession? Can she really go out with him? No way, it would be too embarrassing! It’s even more embarrassing when you consider that when he is dressed as a girl, En is cuter than Hinata. Heck, he is the cutest ‘girl’ in the school! He wears the girl’s version of the school uniform and a long wig that he styles in various cute ways. His face is feminine and pretty. Ahh, poor Hinata, she lives the rough life of a shoujo manga heroine, where the guys are all prettier than you are.

When Hinata tries to break it off with En, he reacts with such horror and sadness, that she immediately feels bad. En seems to really be in love with her, and is even willing to go to the extent of returning to boys clothing in order to have Hinata stay by his side. But can he do it? Why does he dress like a girl anyway?

En explains that he doesn’t dress like a girl because he is gay or anything, it’s just that he hates boys. Even seeing his own reflection repulses him (this results in him punching a lot of mirrors). He likes girls so much, he would rather dress like one. Just because he dresses like a girl and is pretty, doesn’t mean he doesn’t also feel like a boy in his heart. He reacts to things and acts like a guy too. He just doesn’t like looking at guys. This might be because he has 3 loud brothers at home, I am not sure.

At any rate, can En give up female clothing for Hinata? Can she really make him do that just to be with her? It would be like stifling who En really is. But if she doesn’t make him dress like a guy, then that means it would look to everyone like she is dating a girl! And one that is prettier than she is! Hinata is in a quandary, but you know she will do the right thing in the end.

This story follows Hinata’s most unusual first love relationship with her cross-dressing boyfriend, En. They go through many trials and challenges, many of them as a result of his cross-dressing, but some also as a result of Hinata cross-dressing! There is a lot of cross-dressing in this book 🙂 This is a cute, romantic, silly story that gets better as it goes along. There are colorful side characters and unusual situations. I really look forward to the next volume!


  1. As far as I know, it hasn’t been licensed, and I don’t read shoujo manga scans, so I have no idea if it’s been scanlated. I would love for it to be licensed though 😀

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