Sailor Fuku ni Onegai, by TANAKA Meca

Sailor Fuku ni Onegai, by TANAKA MekaTitle: Sailor Fuku ni Onegai
Author: TANAKA Meca
ISBN# 4-592-18251-0
Hana to Yume, 2005

I love the cover of this manga! It is so cute! I have never bought anything by this author before, but I am definitely gonna look her up to see what else she has done. It was the cover that caught my eye here, and then I read a japanese summary for this, and it looked like a fun story too. I wish I still had subscriptions to monthly manga magazines so I could follow all the new series as they come out. But then again, it can be fun to discover a new series and learn that there are already 3 volumes out and reading all three at once. I can get a little impatient when I have to wait months between tankoubon releases. Anyway, I digress… this is a fun supernatural story with lots of cuteness, action, and ghosts and spirits and things.

MATSUMOTO Hinagiku is a 16 year old high school girl who is brights and fun, and great at sports. It is her sports skill that gets her into trouble when, during PE, she hits a home run ball that lands in a forested mountain by her school yard. When she goes to look for the ball, she discovers that it hit and damaged a hidden shrine. When Niha examines the damage more closely, she discovers, behind some pieces of broken wood, a shiny mirror with a pretty carved back. Holding the mirror triggers a flash of light, and *poof!* the mirror is gone, and a dog that was just a shrine statue mere moments before, is suddenly talking to her!

Naturally, Hina runs off, totally freaked out and in denial over what happened. But then more strange things begin to happen. She can suddenly see spirits everywhere. Little animal spirits line the roads, cute spirits hover around teh food at the food mart she works at. Even in her home, Hina finds a snake spirit slithering around. Hina’s world has just changed, and things are not out to get her. She is soon attacked by a shadow of a shrub (it sounds funny to say that XD ) but is rescued by a cute boy wielding a katana. A white dog is also there and protects her– it is the dog from the shrine! Hina soon finds out that the mirror she found at the shrine has disappeared inside of her body. The boy and the dog are protectors of that shrine. The mirror was the object that the deity of the shrine resided in, and now that the object is inside of Hina, they must treat her as if she is their deity and protect her from harm. The white dog is Koma, and he has a human form and personality that remind me a lot of Aya from Fruits Basket. The boy is Shishi, and he is also a black dog. His looks and gruff temperment remind me of Kyo from Fruits Basket. Quite a pair, huh!

So Hina, with her two guardians always at her side, gets into all sorts of supernatural adventures. She encounters a lot of strange spirits and things. There is a lot of great comedy in this series, and some awesome retro 70’s shoujo manga moments ^_^ And of course, you can’t have so many cute guy characters without a little romance happening! This is one of the most fun series I have found in a while!