Otome no Heart mo Kaneshidai!, by USAMI Tae

Otome no Heart mo Kaneshidai!, by USAMI Tae
Title: Otome no Heart mo Kaneshidai!
Author: USAMI Tae
ISBN# 4-09-130789-2
ChuChu Comics, 2007

I picked this up because of the cute cover and the fact that it was the only new thing I could find at the store that week ^_^;; I know, what a wonderful reason to buy something! Still, I don’t regret it. This is a nice little one-shot volume that is a pleasant, if not entirely awe-inspiring or original read. I think a few other series on this site have similar plots. (Romance Godan Katsuyou is kind of similar.) But I guess it’s all a matter of how the plot is played out. ChuChu comics are aimed at younger readers, so this series focuses more on fun and cute romance and is, of course, not smutty at all. The art style is clean and not messy, but it is not entirely to my liking. There is something about the way the author draws mouths that feels stiff and awkward. Characters viewed from the profile can look a little funny, too. This book contains 4 chapters. The first 2 are about the girl on the cover.

Our heroine is a hardworking girl named TOKITA Kotori. She is one busy girl! At any one time, she holds down a handful of jobs, always striving to earn money. For Kotori, money is everything. It is powerful, and more important than finding a boyfriend. It’s all due to the fact that while she was growing up, her father worked really hard to earn money every day. But his physical condition deteriorated, and he passed away. Now, living in a mother-daughter household, Kotori doesn’t want this to happen to her mom, so she feels like they could be happy if she works hard to earn money. For her mother’s sake, Kotori does her best.

Therefore, it comes to quite a surprise when Kotori is suddenly kidnapped by some men in black suits, and delivered to an enormous mansion, only to learn that it belongs to her grandfather, an extremely wealthy man she has never met before! Kotori learns that she is actually a part of a family that runs an insanely large corporate empire! She is shocked and then delighted when her grandfather tells her that all these riches will be hers! Money?! Kotori is extremely happy at that idea. Ahh, but there is one condition.

Kotori must attend a school of Grandfather’s choosing, and find a husband there that is appropriate/worthy of the Tokita name. Whaaaat? Kotori is only 16! She shouldn’t be thinking about husbands! Kotori is upset by this condition, but it’s such a great chance to inherit so much money, that she caves in. Kotori cheerfully heads off to a new school, where everyone has heard of the Tokita corporate empire, and are amazed that the only heir of that fortune is a student in their class. However, a few students are less impressed, and treat Kotori poorly. This is when a handsome classmate named Hiro steps in to help her.

Hiro is tall, good looking (of course) and is class Vice President. He seems amused by Kotori, perhaps because he overheard her talking to herself about the importance of money. Almost immediately after meeting Hiro, another boy appears. It’s the class president, Hibari, and he acts like he knows Kotori. It turns out that he knows her grandfather. I believe he may be the guy that Grandfather hopes Kotori will pick, and in fact, he may already be considered to be her fiance!

Hibari acts very confident, and he can be very charming. On the other hand, Hiro can act cool in front of some people, but towards Kotori he is a bit rude. He has discovered her desire for money and is kind of upset by it. Does she love money so much, she is willing to marry for it? Trade her body for it? He is scary when he gets angry! How far will Kotori go for money? Will she be able to find a boy to marry at her school?

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