W Juliet, by YUMERA Kai (EMURA)

W Juliet, by YUMERA Kai (EMURA) Title:W Juliet
ISBN# 4-592-17341-4
Hana to Yume, 1999

Whee! I love gender-confused shoujo romance stories ^^; This one begins with the arrival of a new student at school, a very lovely girl named AMANO Makoto. The school is working on a production of Romeo and Juliet, and the beautiful Makoto is immediately cast to play Juliet. Meanwhile, the one playing Romeo is MIURA Ito. Ito-san, while looking very handsome and dashing, is actually a girl. Makoto finds this hard to believe at first, but after seeing Ito-san in the locker room, there can be no doubts ^

Ito-san makes a very cute guy, and she seems to really like dressing up like one. She is tall, and is a good fighter, and is basically the perfect Romeo. Ah, but now here is where things get interesting. It seems Makoto-san is not exactly what she seems either. Ito-san discovers this rather quickly after walking into Makoto’s room unannounced. Yep, you guessed it, Makoto is actually a GUY ^_^. He makes a really pretty girl too 🙂

Okay, so we have tomboy Ito who dresses up as a guy playing Romeo, and cute Makoto who dresses as a girl playing Juliet! Now that is a school play for ya ^^ Now while everyone knows Ito is actually a girl, Makoto’s true gender is a secret, and a lot of the hijinks of the story involve people suspecting Makoto’s secret, and trying to reveal it. There is also a relationship developing between Ito and Makoto which is kind of funny because with the way each of them dresses, they still look like a normal couple ^_^ The art in this manga is very nice, and the story is cute, go get it! 🙂

W Juliet has been licensed and released in English by Viz. It can be purchased HERE!