Aishiteiru no yo Kyohei-san!, by SUZUKI Miya

Aishiteiru no yo Kyohei-san!, by SUZUKI Miya
Title: Aishiteiru no yo Kyohei-san
Author:SUZUKI Miya
ISBN# 4-257-91803-9
Sun Comics, 1984

Hah! Here is yet another completely random series! I am breaking out some old school shoujo manga here, folks! Good luck trying to find it ^_^; Oh well, I am sorry I picked something so very obscure and untranslated, I couldn’t help it. You probably can’t tell from reading the other summaries on this site, but along with all the new series coming out, I am also a fan of classic shoujo manga from the 70’s and 80’s. I recently picked up a nice pile of it and I may be throwing in a summary or two of things I discover in that pile over the next few weeks. I find it interesting to look at the evolution of shoujo manga art styles over the years. I might end up making a separate page or section discussing it.

Anyway, this book is actually one in a short series of books about these characters (I think there are three total, including this one), but I could not find the other ones yet myself. However, I had no problem picking up the story. This volume stands alone just fine. Plus, it’s full of all those fun things that often characterize older shoujo: blonde heroine, crowded pages, and dramatic situations.

This series begins where a lot of other series end — with a wedding. AKIYOSHI Kyohei and ICHINOSE Wakana are a cute couple! They are married in a big church with happily crying family around them. Wakana is a young, but pretty bride, and Kyohei is handsome in his tuxedo. He obviously cares a lot about Wakana, even though she can be silly and clumsy.

The happy couple does not have much time for a honeymoon though, because there is a new school term starting, and they both must report to the local high school. Wakana as a student, and Kyohei as a teacher! A teacher-student married couple? This is obviously not normal, so Kyohei instructs Wakana to make sure that when they are in school, she calls him Akiyoshi-sensei. She has a habit of calling him “Kyohei-san” instead of “Akiyoshi-sensei” and she often gets lost in lovey-dovey daydreams about him.
She understands the reasons for his concern though, but her romantic nature and love for Kyohei often make her a bit forgetful about this.

Thus begins the adventures of Wakana and Kyohei as they struggle to maintain their marriage and still act as teacher and student. This is a comedy, so things don’t get too serious, and they face some of the expected obstacles. Surprisingly, their marriage is not entirely a secret. Wakana’s classmates tease her about her marriage and tease Kyouhei too. Also, there is a beautiful teacher and colleague of Kyohei’s who harbors some feelings for him. She is a bit bitter over Kyohei’s choice of spouse.

As for Kyohei, he is usually very patient with Wakana, and loves her very much, but he can get flustered and be a little dense at times too. I am amused when he claims he is not a lolicon ^_^ Wakana is young, so she feels some insecurity regarding Kyohei and her ability to be a good wife. But even though she can be very silly at times, she tries her best!


  1. You know, I can’t believe I haven’t commented, even though I check this site religiously…*ahem* Oh. Em. Gee. This manga sounds so insanely cute. o_o
    And there really does need to be an “Evolution of Shoujo” page…I’m sure you have all sorts of spare time to make one, right?

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