Ayakashi Hime Kurenai, by TAKEUCHI Mick

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  • Title: Ayakashi Hime Kurenai
  • Author: TAKEUCHI Mick
  • Publisher (JP): Kadokawa
  • Imprint: Asuka Comics
  • Year: 1999
  • ISBN (JP): 4-09-132313-8
  • Licensed in North America?: No
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US):
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

One of the main reasons I purchased this manga was the look of the tall elf-guy with the apple. He peeled all of that with his teeth into one long strip. Such talent 🙂 The artwork is really pretty! At first this story really reminded me of Ah! My Goddess! in that it is about a guy who ends up with a very cute girl with magical powers (and all her friends) moving in with him. But then after reading it some more, I found several differences and grew to realllly like this series 🙂

The story is about a very cute (and wow, popular 🙂 guy named Yukio who must deal with the arrival of Kurenai, a demon girl who appears out of nowhere scolding him for not keeping his promise. Promise? Yes, apparently Yukio knew Kurenai when he was little, and they played together. They made a promise to meet again the next day and play some more. But it seems that Yukio couldn’t make it. Kurenai is back in his life now, reminding him of his promise (which he has since forgotten) and to move in with him ^_^ And Kurenai is not alone, she has brought some of her friends from the demon world, including a cute catboy, a tall dark bishounen elf, and this pink thing that looks like one of the ghosts from Pac-man 🙂

Much of the story so far revolves around Kurenai’s relationship with Yukio (she likes him a lot 🙂 and her dealing with some strange demonic activity going on in the area- people at school are being possessed and turned into evil monsters! I like the fact that for all her cheerfulness, Kurenai is NOT a submissive airhead, and I also like the fact that Yukio is incredibly cute and is popular at school 🙂 This series spans 2 volumes. I wish there were more!