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  • Title: CUTE x GUY
  • Author: TATENO Makoto
  • Publisher (JP): Hakusensha
  • Imprint: Hana to Yume
  • Year: 2004
  • ISBN (JP): 4-592-18191-3
  • Licensed in North America?: No
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US):
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

When I bought this manga, I didn’t realize that I already had stuff from this author. And sure enough, I do, and one of her works (“Tsuki ni Hoero!”) has been summarized on this page already ^_^; I bought this because of the cute cover art, and from a brief Japanese description on the website I bought it from. I am never quite sure when I try translating manga descriptions if I am figuring it out right, but this time I was right. This is a supernatural story involving gender switching ! I admit I love those stories. They provide for many amusing situations. The art in this is really pretty. I love how this artist draws her bishounen! They are dressed so stylishly 😀

This story is extremely silly, and just gets sillier and crazier as it goes along, but I find it entertaining. Right now (May 2006) there are 3 volumes out, and it is still running.

Our heroine is a high school girl named TAKAOKA Sumi. She is somewhat shy and is totally in love with a classmate at her school. His name is Mitsuru, and he is very cute and charming. Sort of a gentleman type, I guess. Sumi really likes him, but thinks she needs some help before she can get up the nerve to confess her feelings for him. Help comes in the form of a potion created by her father, a very eccentric (aka MAD) scientist. Sumi believes that the potion her father gave her will make her very sexy and attractive. She drinks it right before she goes to meet Mitsuru, but the potion’s effects are so unexpected, she has to run away before she can say anything to him!

You see, the potion DID make her stunningly sexy and attractive. A sexy and attractive MAN! (whoops!) Sumi has turned into a mind-bogglingly hot bishounen who is so cool, all the girls swoon as he runs by. Sumi’s mother takes the news of Sumi’s situation with very little concern, and her father (now suddenly absent) acts like this was his intended outcome from the beginning! Poor Sumi. It turns out the key to triggering her transformation is her heartbeat. When her heart pounds (such as when she is around Mitsuru…) she transforms. This, of course, creates some great unexpected cross-dressing moments until Sumi learns to have a stash of bishounen clothes ready at all times. Because she always transforms around Mitsuru, she eventually just strikes up a friendship with him as a man. She names her male alter-ego TADANO Jun, and becomes good friends with Mitsuru. Will she ever be cured of her ‘curse’? Talk about strange turn of events! Things get stranger as Sumi discovers that she wasn’t the only one her father tested that potion out on…