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  • Title: Kare - First Love
  • Author: MIYASAKA Kaho
  • Publisher (JP): Shogakukan
  • Imprint: Flower Comics
  • Year: 2002
  • ISBN (JP): 978-4-09-137064-8
  • Licensed in North America?: Yes
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US): 978-1-59116-394-7
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

This was also bought online at random based on a mangled altavista translation of the plot. I liked the cover, and I have a couple of other titles by the author that I really enjoy, so this seemed like a safe bet. I’m glad I purchased this, it’s a cute story, and the art is nice. The heroine doesn’t really look much like the girl on the cover though. I tend to see her as having dark hair, not that light brown color. Anyway, at the time I am writing this, I know that there are 2 volumes of this, but right now I only have the first one. I am not sure if the story continues past volume 2, but I hope so!

Karin is a shy, introspective girl. She has shoulder length dark hair, and wears glasses. She has never had a boyfriend, and doesn’t know much about love. However all of that is about to change. It begins one morning on the train on the way to school. She is minding her own business, looking at a book of photographs, when she catches the eye of a group of boys from the local boy’s high school. One boy in particular is interested in her. He has a camera, and looks at her through the viewfinder. All his friends joke about cute girls in sailor school uniforms. They laugh even more when they see the girl has glasses too. But the boy, Kiriya approaches Karin, and notices the books she’s reading. He asks if she likes the book. Karin is not happy with his attentions. But then the train comes to a sudden halt, causing Karin to lurch forward, and she drops her book. When Kiriya tries to return it to her, there is an awfully embarrassing scene, and Karin flees without getting the book back.

Later at school, Karin has to face her classmate, Yuka. Yuka is really cute and very manipulative. She claims to be Karin’s friend, but the whole time she sort of puts her down and sabotages anything good that might happen to Karin. Yuka is interested in the boys from the boy’s school, and is thrilled when, after school, Kiriya and his friends show up to return the book to Karin. Yuka immediately makes a play for the guys, and they fall for it. Kiriya remains interested in Karin, but Karin’s self esteem is so low that she can’t believe he would be interested in her, and doesn’t even know what to do if he really is interested in her. She has no idea that without her glasses on, she is really cute. I guess her vision is really poor 🙂 Things get worse for Karin’s self-esteem when Yuka decides to chase Kiriya too, and she is very devious about it. Will Karin be able to get over her shy nature, and stop allowing Yuka to steamroll over her? Will she fight for Kiriya? Oh the shoujo-manga thrills never stop! ^_-