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  • Title: Love Terrorist
  • Author: MAMAHARA Ellie
  • Publisher (JP): Kadokawa
  • Imprint: Asuka Comics
  • Year: 1993
  • ISBN (JP): 4-04-924336-9
  • Licensed in North America?: No
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US):
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

I LOVE this series! It has a bunch of my favorite shoujo manga plot characteristics all in one place! I originally borrowed this series from someone, and then ended up buying my own set. It is 4 volumes and a prequel volume, but I can’t help thinking there should have been more ;_; Ellie MAMAHARA has a lot of cool manga series! I really like her art style, the clothing everyone wears is always so cool! This series is mainly a love-relationship-triangle-drama-comedy type thing with some shounen ai thrown in!

Yuri-chan is a student at a Catholic high school. She doesn’t have a boyfriend, but she is interested in a guy named Kengo FUJII, a famous motorcycle racer who also owns a motorcycle shop in the area. Yuri really thinks Fujii-san is just great, and has a big crush. One day after school she decides to go by the motorcycle shop that Fujii owns, and is shocked to not only see Fujii-san himself at the shop, but she is even more surprised to see her homeroom teacher from school, TAKAMISAWA-sensei, arrive at the shop and pick up Fujii-san on his motorcycle! Now Takagisawa-sensei is not your normal homeroom teacher. He is young, handsome, and just oozes fashion sense. ^_^ (Why can’t I have a teacher like this?) He may be a teacher at a Catholic school, but by the way he dresses, you’d think he was a male runway model. Every day he shows up in something wild, and has all the girls in his class totally in love with him. Yuri-chan has never been that impressed though. But now her interest in him has been piqued! Just how well does he know Fujii-san? She finds out later on that they are much closer than she would like them to be, when they come to the restaurant Yuri works part-time at. By the way sensei hangs all over Fujii-san, it sure looks like they are a couple. Depressed, Yuri is ready to give up. If Fujii-san is homosexual and is happy with her teacher, then there is nothing she can do. HOWEVER, she is soon informed that Fujii-san is not gay, or if he is, he hasn’t come out of the closet. WHAT? But her teacher is all over him! But wait, it looks like Fujii-san, for all his good looks, sweet temperment, and awesome motorcycle skills, is one of those clueless guys who doesn’t realize that Takamisawa-sensei, his close friend, is actually serious about him. Talk about CLUELESS! But hey, for Yuri-chan THERE IS HOPE!

This sets up the love triangle, as both Yuri-chan and her homeroom teacher fight over the same guy ^_^ Her teacher has the advantage of already being Fujii-san’s good friend, having known him since they were in high school. But Yuri-chan also has an advantage, she is cute and FEMALE. This makes for an interesting situation for Yuri and her teacher at school, as well as their constant arguing away from school as Yuri manages to attach herself to Fujii-san’s motorcycle racing team. I really like this series so far, there are a lot of funny moments and interestingly enough, the chemistry between Yuri-chan and Takamisawa-sensei is rather interesting 🙂

I REALLY REALLY wish that more of this story would be published, because the ending of this is just so frustrating, in my opinion ^_^ Considering how many years have passed since this was published, I know this is not gonna happen ^_^; There is also another manga volume that came out after Love Terrorist called Je t’aime Scandle which also features Takamisawa and Fujii-san, but it is a prequel, and tells of their days back in high school and college, and how Takamisawa first met Fujii, and how his love began ^_^. Wow, Takamisawa was really cute back then, with longer hair and the same amazing fashion sense. ^_^