UBU UBU, by SUGI Emiko

UBU UBU, by SUGI Emiko Title:UBU UBU
Author:SUGI Emiko
ISBN# 4-8342-6101-8
Eyes Comics, 1999

I purchased this manga during the Torrance Mandarake closing sale. Lots of manga for REALLY cheap. While this was a great thing money-wise, it was a bad thing because I kept buying partial collections of older series that are out of print. Arg! This is an older Emiko SUGI series, and I only have the first two volumes out of six total. I really need to find the rest of them. The only place I’ve seen that sells this series has it as a complete set. I don’t want to buy duplicate copies of volumes 1-2. This is a cute story, and Emiko Sugi’s art style is fun. Her style has changed a lot since this was published (and her stories are a bit smuttier) but this older work is worth checking out ^_^

Like most shoujo stories, this one focuses on a schoolgirl. Her name is KAZAMI Hyoko, and she has a dream of becoming a model. Well okay, so far this doesn’t sound that unusual… but wait! Hyoko doesn’t want to become just any average model, she wants to become a NUDE model! Now there’s a noble ambition for a first year high school girl. There is this hot photographer called ‘BIRD’ who is famous for taking beautiful photographs of nude models. Hyoko idolizes this photographer, and is determined to win a modelling contest that will put her in front of his camera as the prize. Hyoko has some problems getting into the contest, but is helped by a mysterious handsome guy who grabs Hyoko for a quick kiss as thanks for getting her into the contest. It turns out that he is one of the contest judges!

Next Hyoko meets a young photographer boy backstage who likes her a lot and wants to take her picture. An unexpected collision has Hyoko kissing him too! Unfortunately Hyoko doesn’t fair too well in the contest. Afterwards she sees Shiratori, also known as BIRD, the famous photographer she idolizes. She runs up to him, and he consoles her a little bit on losing the contest, and then, wouldn’t you know it, he kisses her too! That’s THREE unexpected kisses from strange but cute guys in the same day! Determined not to miss out on her chance to become a model, Hyoko follows BIRD home only to find that he lives in this huge mansion with the other two guys who kissed her! Hyoko won’t give up on her dream, and she decides to show them right there that she can become a model… romantic hijinks ensue ^_-