Lemon Planet, by HAZUKI Megumi

Lemon Planet, by HAZUKI Megumi
Title: Lemon Planet
Author: HAZUKI Megumi
ISBN# 978-4-08-846153-3
Margaret Comics, 2007

I have been meaning to summarize this manga, but somehow I never got to it. Such a shame! This is such a nice little series. Not to be confused with another popular shoujo manga called “Orange Planet”, Lemon Planet is a sweet little story about childhood friends and growing up. This series is completed at 2 volumes and has nice, detailed artwork and entertaining characters. I am glad I finally remembered to mention it here 🙂

It’s summer vacation time, and no one is more excited about it than 2nd year high school student Karin-chan. Why is she so happy? Because her beloved Saku-chan (Sakumi-senpai) is coming home from college to visit! Saku-chan, along with his younger brother Tatsumi, have been Karin’s best friends forever. As childhood friends the trio were always together. Sakumi hasn’t been gone long, but now that he is back, Karin can really see a difference in him. He has changed a little, seems more adult. Just seeing him makes Karin’s heart beats faster. Her crush on him hasn’t changed.

However, along with any physical changes in Sakumi, something else is different. Until now, Karin, Tatsumi and Sakumi all knew each other so well, they did so much together, that it is strange to think that he has met people she doesn’t know, done things and been places she hasn’t. Karin feels especially weird when a college sempai, Hinatsu-san, calls Saku. Saku’s reaction to the call is obvious. He likes Hinatsu! The very idea of this makes Karin ache. She likes Sakumi so much! And while everyone is aware of her worship of Sakumi, she has never actually confessed to him. He obviously can’t see her as a girl, just as a childhood friend. What should she do?

Meanwhile, Tatsumi is the same age as Karin, and is in her class at school. He is aware of KArin’s obvious affection for Sakumi, however what are his feelings? He seems to care for Karin very much, could he be the one to comfort Karin when Sakumi rejects her? Then again, will Sakumi reject Karin? Karin is a bright, cheerful girl with a unique sort of glow about her. Slowly, over that summer, Sakumi begins to see how special Karin is. A love triangle begins to form. Will Karin gather the courage to confess? Will Tatsumi make his feelings known? Will Sakumi realize how special Karin has always been to him?


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