April 2015 Manga Haul

> April 2015 Manga Haul

Oof! I ended up getting a lot of manga this time. This is pretty much March and April combined. This time I tried ordering manga online from Honto. They are a Japanese online bookstore formerly known as BK1. I used to order from them a lot when I lived in Texas and had no other access to manga. It has been years, so I was curious to see how they compared to ordering from Kinokuniya or Amazon Japan. The nice hing about Honto is that they charge in Yen (with the current dollar-yen exchange rate, that’s a win for me) AND they offer SAL shipping. While SAL is very slow, it’s also a lot cheaper. I priced out the same order on Honto and Amazon JP, and the Honto order was $50 cheaper! Of course, the Amazon order would only take, like, 3 days to arrive, while this Honto order took 17 days, but still, $50 is $50! I considered the wait worth it this time. Interestingly, I think books got to me faster when I lived in Texas, compared to California. Hmm. Anyway, here is the big pile I got this time. It would be nice if I could get around to summarizing some of these…

 Ame Nochi Hare (8), byBikke (Last Volume! ;_;)  Ice Prince, by NAGAE Tomomi
 Sagashimono wa Ouji-sama, by NAGAE Tomomi CEO to Koi no Tehodoki, by SAKAI Miwa
 Youko + Love x Kiss! (1), by AKABANE Chika Heroine Kamo Shirenai., by YUNO Kotori and MITSUKI Shiki

Ore no Hitsuji-chan, by FUKAWA Miki  Manbou-chan to Lion-kun, by SAKURA Shiro
Aoyama Tsukiko desu! (1), by NOJIN Yuji Katayoku no Labyrinth (4), by KUMAGAI Kyoko
Devil Rock! (3), by NAKI Ringo Fushidara na Oji-sama (Anthology)

 Amakute Zurui Wana no Naka, by ANDO Mai Couple Cherry, by HARADA Taeko
 Love x Joint, by NAKAMURA Yukichi Kataomoi Fever (1), by KUWAYOSHI Asa
Love Rerun (1), by AMASAWA Aki Ningyo Desu ga Daite Kudasai!, by RIKA Chimaki

Negattari Kanattari, by WAKUHARA Niko Moto-Kare Ima-Fre, by HANAYA En
(Yuu) Heaven Keibi <- Black, by HIDO Ryoji Koisuri Koto no Ha, by TAMURA Kotoyu
Hollywood Star no Koibito, by SAKAI Miwa Taro-kun wa Kou Miete Igai to xxx Desu. by ICHIKAWA Show

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