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Life in Shoujo Manga Land

Category: Life

Life in Shoujo Manga Land

Considering most shoujo manga involves high school students, transportation options can be limited. Yet somehow, all of them can lead to romance and many doki-doki heart-pounding feelings!


bikeOne of the most common modes of transportation is a bicycle. In shoujo Manga Land, it’s even better if you, as a heroine, get to share that bicycle with the guy you like. Sailing along, breeze in your hair, clinging to his waist, possibly even pressing your chest to his back.. how romantic! Cute shoujo manga heroes will even wait for a girl before school and give her a ride in the morning as well as a ride home. What hard workers!



Next up is the train. Japan’s train system is complex and amazing. If a heroine is fortunate enough to ride an uncrowded train, she might have the opportunity to spot a cute boy from another school who also rides the train. Or perhaps it’s that beloved senpai who is sitting across from her. Trains are great for secret, unrequited love stories. If the train is crowded, there are two possibilities. One, that the density of the crowd will force the heroine near the door, and… oh my.. cute senpai is crushed against the door with her! But, as he is a hero, he will try not to squish the heroine, and will act as a shield for her against the pressure of the crowd. Faces will get close, hearts will pound! The next option is less pleasant. Crowded trains are also notorious for attracting gropers. And unfortunately, timid heroines are their favorite targets, so an unsuspecting heroine may get groped. Fortunately, in Shoujo Manga Land, there is often a cute hero there to stop the groper. It’s even better when the heroine puts a stop to it instead. But either way, it’s an embarrassing way for a heroine to meet a hero.


 Sensei’s Car

For all those heroines having secret affairs with their teachers, his car is the way to sneak around town. From innocent rides home, to day trips to get away from eyes who might recognize them, sensei’s car is a special place. Illicit kisses happen there.



However, by far, the best way to get around Shoujo Manga Land is helicopter! Especially if that helicopter has a rope ladder! Helicopters are used by any self-respecting rich hero to rescue the heroine and sweep her away. Why travel in a common car, when a helicopter makes a much more dramatic interest! Plus, sweeping up the heroine onto the rope ladder means lots of skinship!

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Life in Shoujo Manga Land

Life in Shoujo Manga Land can be rough. Sure, there are many fabulously wealthy characters, but there are also a lot of people who have to work for a living. Let’s not forget all those poor high school students who need a way to finance the all-important Christmas and birthday gifts! But what options are available for people who need to work in Shoujo Manga Land? Let’s looks at some of the most popular choices:


If you’re an adult, being a teacher is a good Shoujo Manga Land occupation. You get to spend all day hanging around all the ridiculously cute students. And, if you’re a guy in your 20’s, there is a good chance you’ll have a forbidden romance with one of your students. Oh my! In Shoujo Manga Land, I think one of the requirements to become a teacher is that you are young and good-looking. Take, for example, these fine teachers —

senseitachi2Now, we certainly didn’t have any teachers this hot when I was in high school. No wonder these girls are so tempted!



We don’t see all that many hospital Doctors in Shoujo Manga Land, but school doctors are everywhere. With their long flowing lab coats and devastating good looks, they can be quite dangerous. They all seem to be just a bit more naughty than even the teachers. It must be the easy access to those deliciously private infirmary beds that attracts these playful people to become school Doctors. School doctors always seem to have a lot of spare time during the day. I guess they just sit around waiting for students to get hurt and ask to be patched up. But this means that they are also free during the day for some extra-curricular activities of an innocent shoujo heroine should venture near during class time.





If you’re young, another good option to support yourself is by becoming an idol! There are all kinds of idols- models, actors, singers, etc. It’s an exciting job that allows for lots of travel and a great wardrobe. Plus, they don’t seem to care if you have any prior experience for this job, because scouts are more than happy to recruit average people off the streets to go join talent agencies. (I should know, I’ve even been approached by a scout in Japan!)


icon-book Novelist

Say you’re an eccentric type who doesn’t like to venture out much. A career as a novelist might be ideal for you! In Shoujo Manga Land, novelists are often presented as messy, distracted people who are always at home writing, usually late for deadlines, and desperately in need of an assistant to help them. 8 out of 10 times, the novels they write are erotic. Sounds fun, right? There is no age requirement for this job, either. Sometimes the novelist is a high school student desperately writing to pay the bills. Other times, the novelists are award-winning geniuses who look to strange places for inspiration. Heck, these days, some novelists publish their work via cell phone! And look at Kaga-sensei, pictured below — he manages to be both a teacher AND a novelist!



If you’d rather draw than write prose, another possibility is becoming a mangaka! In shoujo Manga Land, there are many high school kids working as manga authors! If it’s a girl, she usually lacks some valuable life experience that would make her manga better, so she must therefore do some quality “research,” preferably with a hot guy at her school. If the mangaka is a guy, then the genre of manga must clash entirely with your physical appearance. The guy will probably draw shoujo manga.



If you’re an average young person without much chance of becoming a model or idol, there are other employment options. For guys who want to earn enough money to move away from home (and away from whatever shoujo heroine is tempting them, such as a step-sibling…) and for girls who want to earn enough money to buy their crush a birthday/Xmas present, Family Restaurants are great places to work. Places like Denny’s are busy and always hiring, and in Shoujo Manga Land, are often staffed by cute teens. At the Family Restaurant, guys can get lots of work hours, while being stalked by the heroine or various other meddlesome family members or classmates. Girls can make good money while also meeting new potential love rivals.


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Life in Shoujo Manga Land

Shoujo Manga Land is a vast and wondrous place, yet strangely, we usually only see the same sorts of places depicted within manga pages.

Here are some of the places you’re likely to see when reading shoujo manga.


Well, obviously. So much shoujo manga is about kids that are school-age. It is usually a middle school or a high school, but sometimes we may get a glimpse of an elementary school or *gasp* university!

In high school, we get views of all the usual places:

Classrooms — last seat next to the windows, of course

Club rooms — Small rooms where club members can relax after a long day of studying. Can be used for anything from drawing manga, to knitting, to practicing band.

School Roof — The school roof is really the place to be. All the cool kids eat lunch there, and after school it’s the best place for a love confession.


Infirmary — After the love confession, the next place to go is the school infirmary, with its comfortable cots and privacy curtains. All sorts of fun can happen there.

Gymnasium — The best place for the girls to squeal over how wonderful the School Prince is at playing basketball, or for the team manager to long for her senpai to notice her. The equipment room here can be home to other naughty activities, but watch out! You might get locked in!

Hallways/Stairs — Stairs pose the greatest threat to shoujo manga heroines at school. Because students have to wear slippers or indoor shoes inside school, they don’t have quite the traction as they’d normally expect outside. Therefore, slipping on stairs is a huge problem. Fortunately, any good shoujo manga hero worth is name has the ability to catch or break the fall of a shoujo heroine, even if he was higher up on the stairs than she before the fall. I seriously think that every boy in shoujo manga land is taken aside during PE in middle school, and instructed in the fine art of bending time and space in order to catch girls falling down stairs.



These kids gotta date, and the most romantic place to go is the Aquarium, with all the brightly colored fish glowing in the darkened hallways. This is a great place to hold hands.


Summertime stories MUST include a trip to the beach! Fortunately, most shoujo manga heroines know someone who has a vacation house near a beach, or is able to find someone who is offering a summertime job that includes sleeping arrangements. The beach is the place to show off your bikini, and (unfortunately) nearly drown so the hero can rescue you (sigh). It’s also the place for the hero to show off his surfing skills or his beach volleyball prowess. There might also be some watermelon smashing and fireworks.