Getting Around in Shoujo Manga Land

> Getting Around in Shoujo Manga Land

Considering most shoujo manga involves high school students, transportation options can be limited. Yet somehow, all of them can lead to romance and many doki-doki heart-pounding feelings!


bikeOne of the most common modes of transportation is a bicycle. In shoujo Manga Land, it’s even better if you, as a heroine, get to share that bicycle with the guy you like. Sailing along, breeze in your hair, clinging to his waist, possibly even pressing your chest to his back.. how romantic! Cute shoujo manga heroes will even wait for a girl before school and give her a ride in the morning as well as a ride home. What hard workers!



Next up is the train. Japan’s train system is complex and amazing. If a heroine is fortunate enough to ride an uncrowded train, she might have the opportunity to spot a cute boy from another school who also rides the train. Or perhaps it’s that beloved senpai who is sitting across from her. Trains are great for secret, unrequited love stories. If the train is crowded, there are two possibilities. One, that the density of the crowd will force the heroine near the door, and… oh my.. cute senpai is crushed against the door with her! But, as he is a hero, he will try not to squish the heroine, and will act as a shield for her against the pressure of the crowd. Faces will get close, hearts will pound! The next option is less pleasant. Crowded trains are also notorious for attracting gropers. And unfortunately, timid heroines are their favorite targets, so an unsuspecting heroine may get groped. Fortunately, in Shoujo Manga Land, there is often a cute hero there to stop the groper. It’s even better when the heroine puts a stop to it instead. But either way, it’s an embarrassing way for a heroine to meet a hero.


 Sensei’s Car

For all those heroines having secret affairs with their teachers, his car is the way to sneak around town. From innocent rides home, to day trips to get away from eyes who might recognize them, sensei’s car is a special place. Illicit kisses happen there.



However, by far, the best way to get around Shoujo Manga Land is helicopter! Especially if that helicopter has a rope ladder! Helicopters are used by any self-respecting rich hero to rescue the heroine and sweep her away. Why travel in a common car, when a helicopter makes a much more dramatic interest! Plus, sweeping up the heroine onto the rope ladder means lots of skinship!

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