Hazy Days

> Hazy Days

I read a LOT of shoujo manga. I have been reading it for a decent amount of time now. I have seen a lot of changes and trends over the years. Sure, there is varying quality of art and story originality. Increasing levels of smut, and what feels like more shorter/one shot series than long series (this may be my imagination). I can usually just ignore these things, and keep reading happily.

However, I have finally become annoyed enough at a trend that I feel the need to pointlessly grumble about it for a few moments. I am sure that anyone who bothers reading this will think I am going on about nothing, but hey, this trend is becoming really annoying to me, and I can’t resist ranting 🙂

This is about Shogakukan’s Flower Comics line, and their bizarre obsession with translucent color hazes obscuring the cover artwork! Arrrghhhh! The fuzzy color haze will usually cover most of the cover except for the area around the character’s faces. I am beginning to have a hard time telling if I have a series or not. I have enough manga that I sometimes lose track of what I own. Until recently, I have been generally okay at recognizing if I have something by looking at the cover. But now, with all this freakish color haze, I can’t quite tell if I have something or not. (“I know I bought one that was yellow… oh and the pink one… wait, or was it that pink one?”)

If you have no idea what I am talking about, here are some examples. Of course, looking at these covers, you can see that I read a lot of trashy shallow smut manga ^_^; What can I say, I have a high tolerance for ridiculous shoujo manga 🙂 It is my guilty pleasure popcorn entertainment! But I would still like to be able to avoid buying duplicates…

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