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  • Title: Aitte Yatsu wo Utatte Miyouka
  • Author: NAGAYAMA Ei
  • Publisher (JP): Shogakukan
  • Imprint: Flower Comics
  • Year: 2008
  • ISBN (JP): 978-4-09-132010-0
  • Licensed in North America?: No
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US):
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

Here is another recently released manga, by an author I don’t have much previous exposure to. This is a nice book though, with attractive, uncluttered artwork, and likable characters. This is a one-shot volume, but the main story takes up 3/4 of the book. At the time I bought this, there were a bunch of new one-shots and several volume #1’s of new series at the bookstore, and I caved in and picked up almost all of them ^_^; I am so broke now.

Anyway, on to the story! Woo hoo, we have a sort of idol/rock and roll story going on here! Ari is a brand new first-year high school student . She is attending a school that is far away from her home, so she has just put herself into her older sister’s care and will be staying with her. Shortly before school starts, Ari sees a band holding a mini outdoor concert. She is struck by how great the music is, and how nice the singer performs. The group is really good, and her sister informs her that the group, Sunnyside, is the hottest indie group right now. AND, the really cute lead singer, Youta-kun, is a student at Ari’s new school!

Ari is excited by this, because she finds herself really liking this guy Youta-kun’s voice. She really hopes to meet him! Even better, she discovers that he is in her grade, and they will be in the same class! (Naturally!). However, Ari’s high hopes are dashed when she sees how Youta-kun behaves at school. He is really popular with the girls, and he happily lets them hang all over him. It looks like he is dating them all! Bah, what a player! Before she ever even speaks to him, she has lost interest. What a disappointment. Still… Sunyside’s music was really good. She decides to skip the opening ceremony, and heads to the school’s music room, where she finds a piano. Thinking about the Sunnyside song he heard the other day, she begins to play.

Her playing manages to attract none other than Youta-kun to the music room. He looks really interested in Ari’s playing, but the girl he is with could not be more hostile towards her. Her name is Yuzuki, and she considers herself to be Youta-kun’s girlfriend, and he doesn’t seem to object to that arrangement. Youta-kun makes an instant decision– Ari must be Sunnyside’s new keyboardist! They have been looking for one, and she would be perfect! Ari, however, has other ideas. She doesn’t like Youta-kun very much, and refuses his pleas. However, he is very persistent, and they do make beautiful music together…

Can Youta-kun convince Ari to get over her bad opinion and help his band? How can Ari do such a thing when Youta is always surrounded by girls who would no doubt hate her? Not to mention the little detail of Youta-kun already having a girlfriend! What happens when Ari’s own popularity begins to grow?

Something I like about this series is that while most of it is from Ari’s point of view, we do get to see some of Youta-kun’s reaction to things and what he is feeling. I also like how she manages not to fall all over him because he is popular. This series ends up being more focused on the relationships than actual band performances, and I think it should have gone on for more chapters, but this is a cute, quick read 🙂

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