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  • Title: King no Urashigoto
  • Author: FUJINAKA Chise
  • Publisher (JP): Shogakukan
  • Imprint: Flower Comics
  • Year: 2009
  • ISBN (JP): 978-4-09-132597-6
  • Licensed in North America?: No
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US):
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

I have another book by this author, and I am actually rather surprised I haven’t talked about it or this one here yet. This is a ridiculous book, but fun. No, this is not the greatest series ever, and probably won’t appear on any ‘best shoujo manga ever!’ lists, but it is enjoyable, if you are looking for something cute to pass the time 🙂 I actually like the art inside the book better than thhe art on the cover. The cover is nice, but it seems a little busy. Or maybe it’s that translucent pink they slapped on it. I actually ended up buying this because of the cute little SD/Chibi artwork on the back cover which has our hero being mean and bossy, but in a really adorable way. The interior artwork is detailed, but not cluttered or hard to follow. I especially liked the complexity of the hair and eyes. I wonder if she has assistants to help her? Probably. This is yet another manga about manga. I guess mangaka like to do stories about what they know! I kind of doubt any of them had things like this happen to them in high school, though 🙂

Our heroine, Miu, is a shoujo manga fan. In particular, her favorite series is “Koi Umi” by ISSHIKI Nana-sensei. It is such a wonderful series, Miu is obsessed with it, and has decided that her ideal man must be like Yuuji, the hero of Koi Umi. Yuuji is tall, handsome, and gentle, like a true prince! Ahh, such an ideal guy! There is no way Miu will ever find a guy like Yuuji in real life! The boys at her school can’t compare!

Take Shiina-kun, for example. Yes, he is good looking, and he is great at basketball, but he is rude and obnoxious, not at all like Yuuji. Miu can’t understand why all her female classmates drool over him so much! There is always a flock of girls near by, cheering for him (“kyaaaa! Shiina-kun, kakkoiiii!”). As far as Miu is concerned, her manga is more interesting. I love how whenever a character in a shoujo manga is shown to be reading shoujo manga, it is always drawn in 70’s shoujo style. “Koi Umi” is hilariously 70’s shoujo. There are roses and sparkly eyes, and that defined nose and lip that so represent that style. It’s awesome 😀 I want to read Koi Umi now. 🙂

Even though she shows no adoration for Shiina-kun like all the other girls, Shiina-kun has taken an interest in her, much to her dismay. When she claims that Yuuji is the only boy she will love, Shiina-kun looks rather annoyed. Well, okay, so the interest Shiina has in Miu is more like one of a cat playing with a mouse. Shiina is a little mean to Miu, but never in a cruel way, he is more like teasing playfully. However, his behavior is enough to make Miu fume, and confirm her decision to only love her beloved manga hero, Yuuji. Koi Umi is her safe world, and ISSHIKI Nana is her idol. Miu writes her fan mail with great devotion.

One day, Miu is asked to deliver some homework printouts to Shiina-kun, who has been absent from school recently. Miu is reluctant to do this, but the look her classmate gives her is enough to make Miu agree. When she arrives at his house, Miu is amazed at how huge it is. Shiina-kun is quite the wealthy spoiled young master. When Miu tries to deliver the printouts, she is directed to enter the house, but what she finds there is not what she expected!

The moment Miu steps through the door, she is greeted with a large envelope shoved in her face, and Shiina-kun announcing that he has finished 50 pages of Koi Umi. Wait, what? Koi Umi? Miu staggers back, and when Shiina-kun sees her, he looks shocked. Miu is obviously not who he was expecting. Stunned, his fingers lose grip on the envelope, and it falls to the ground, spilling its contents across the floor. And yes, you guessed it… those contents are manga pages for Koi Umi! Pages as in the original artwork drawings!

When Miu sees the art, sees her beloved Yuuji on the page right there in front of her, she sinks to her knees. Yuuji!! Why is Yuuji here?! Could it be…? Yes, Miu’s beloved ISSHIKI Nana-sensei is actually Shiina-kun! Oh no! How horrible! How can the demonic Shiina-kun be the creator of her darling, gentle, princely Yuuji? Miu can’t get over the shock. Her feet become unsteady, and she knocks over a vase… of water… onto the artwork… the newly-finished-right-at-deadline artwork! ACK! Fortunately, only one page is ruined, but now Miu is forced to work as Shiina-kun’s assistant!

She still can’t quite believe Shiina is Nana-sensei, but once she watches him draw, she realizes it is the truth. And Shiina-kun never told her! All this time, she has been a Koi Umi fan, and a Yuuji fan, and he never said anything! Why? But Shiina’s strong drive to work, his art skill, and his obvious gruffness when talking to her (like he is trying to act mature when he is really not) starts to change Miu’s view of him. He isn’t the mean devil she always thought him to be…

As for Shiina-kun, he really is a bit of a spoiled rich kid. He can’t understand why Miu doesn’t like him. All the other girls like him, but why not Miu? Shiina has some really cute moments when Miu’s cuteness affects him. He is adorable when he blushes and tries to hide it. But it s obvious he really likes Miu, and wants her to like him.

Can this odd pair really work as a couple? He is a spoiled rich hot bishounen manga author! She is a manga-obsessed fangirl! Shiina is not the perfect gentleman that Yuuji is. How will he ever live up to that? Plus, his work keeps him very busy. There are always deadlines looming, and the work never seems to end. Is there even time to date? And what’s this, they want to make Koi Umi into a movie? There are so many challenges ahead for Miu and Shiina, the fun is just beginning!

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