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  • Title: Love Triple
  • Author: AKIYAMA Maiko, TAKAHASHI An
  • Publisher (JP): Kodansha
  • Imprint: KC Dessert Comics
  • Year: 2006
  • ISBN (JP): 4-06-365423
  • Licensed in North America?: No
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US):
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

Wow, this quite a revealing cover for a series that is totally non-sexy/smutty 🙂 In fact, pretty much everything about this cover is misleading when compared to the story inside. That really amused me ^_^ Usually, the cover will make things very obvious, but believe me, this cover does not! Really! Anyway, I admit I did buy it thinking that it would be smutty, but I was not disappointed when it turned out not to be 🙂 This is a one-shot volume. The main story takes up the whole thing, with a very short bonus comic at the end. This turned out to be a fairly cute story.

FUJIKAWA Emi is a first year high school student looking for love and romance and all the normal things that high school girls in shoujo manga want. Back in middle school she was very much into basketball and sports, and paid no attention to her looks. But she has changed, and she wants to do things differently in high school. So, after much dieting, studying, and learning beauty tips, she has managed to be accepted to a very famous high school, and she now looks very pretty. Because she is so used to NOT being one that guys are interested in, Emi is amazed when the boys at her school actually compliment her and think she is cute. That is amazing! Emi’s quest for love doesn’t last very long, because right away she gets a text message from her old cram school instructor who helped her study for her high school entrance exam.

His name is Koushi, and he is a handsome college student. Emi totally fell for him while he was her tutor, and now she has her chance to make him hers! She bravely asks him out on a date, and he accepts! Score! Emi is so excited and wrapped up in the thought of seeing Koushi, that on the day of her date, as she is walking to meet him, she is totally caught by surprise when a strange guy on the street hits on her! At first she thinks he must be trying to sell her something, but when she realizes that this guy is actually hitting on her, she can’t believe it! She has never been hit on by a stranger before. Wow! This makes her even more happy when she meets up with Koushi.

The date with Koushi goes well. He is surprised by how much different (and better) she looks than when he was her tutor, and to Emi’s amazement, he agrees to start dating her. Wow, she has a boyfriend! Her very first! But her happiness goes from a high to a low right away. On her way home from the date, the train she is on has an accident, and who should she meet during the chaos but the guy who hit on her before! He is really very handsome and helps her out of the damaged train and binds her wound. He is also still interested in Emi and is very persistent. His name is Haruka and he manages to get Emi’s cell phone number and promises to call her (much to her dismay – she already has Koushi now!).

But wait, there’s more! At school, Emi is in such a happy daze over her good date with Koushi, that she doesn’t even realize she has nominated herself for after-class cleanup duties. Argh! Fortunately she is not alone. One of her classmates, KIHARA Souta, has the duty with her, so the work isn’t too bad. Souta seems to be a really nice guy. He is cute and enthusiastic, and honest. Emi likes him a lot, but is surprised when he suddenly confesses that he likes her too. Thanks to a misunderstanding on his part, Souta thinks Emi likes him too, and is just so happy about it that Emi can’t make herself let him down. Suddenly everyone in her class thinks she is dating Souta!

What is Emi to do? Haruka keeps calling her. Koushi keeps calling her. Souta keeps calling her. It is quite a shock, going from having absolutely no luck with boys, to suddenly having THREE of them after her! Well, she was interested in finding true love, and what better way that to date some boys? Shockingly, Emi decides to date all three guys at once. How crazy! Can Emi juggle having three boyfriends without them finding out? Who does she really love? What if they find out? Emi’s outrageous high school life begins…

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