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  • Title: Ookamitachi no Gohoubi
  • Author: HANAYA En
  • Publisher (JP): Shogakukan
  • Imprint: Flower Comics
  • Year: 2008
  • ISBN (JP): 978-4-09-132156-5
  • Licensed in North America?: No
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US):
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

This has a pretty aqua color and two very pretty boys on the cover, so really, my resistance to purchasing this was low 🙂 Plus, we have an author here that I have not covered on this site before, so this seemed like a fun chance to take. Personally, I like the guy with the glasses more than the one without. But really, they are both very… nice 🙂 Looking closer at this book, I realized that I do have another book by this author (“Honnou Chocolate”) however on that book, the author just uses her first name, “En”. This time the cover credits her with a family name too. I could have sworn I talked about Honnou Chocolate here too, but upon further inspection of my site, I can’t find it. Wow, I am losing my memory in my old age 🙂 Anyway, this is a silly series. There are 4 chapters in the book. The first 3 make up the main plot, and the 4th is related, but focuses on a different character.

Oh boy. Here we go again. As usual, I am continually amazed by schools as they are depicted in anime and manga. They always have some weird quirk about them. Like, they have recently turned co-ed, or they have dormitories, or some weird elite group of students, or have classes for famous people or something. In this case, our story is set at a fairly elite school. Our heroine is SARASHINA Tsumugi. She is a new transfer student who will be starting classes in September. She is thrilled to finally be able to go to this school because it is the place her mother graduated from.

It is still summer break, but Tsumugi arrives at the school early for an assembly. Naturally, her first arrival at this beloved new school does not proceed quite as wonderfully as she has imagined. Almost immediately after setting foot on campus, she encounters two guys and a girl arguing. They appear to be fighting over a ring. The girl is trying to break up the argument, but her actions don’t help much. In the scuffle, the ring goes flying through the air and lands down Tsumugi’s uniform blouse! (oh what odds…)

One of the guys is so intent on getting that ring, that he pounces on Tsumugi, and tries to tear her blouse open to get to it! Shocked and horrified, Tsumugi slaps him, and desperately tries to cover herself with the remaining pieces of her top. Oh how awful! What is wrong with this school! Anger soon sets in, and Tsumugi yells at both guys, reprimanding them for their actions. Her anger is so fierce, that they immediately (almost instinctively) apologize. Tsumugi learns that these guys are cousins. Ibara Chitose, and Ibara Hajime. She doesn’t have a very good impression of them.

In shoujo land, when a girl doesn’t like a guy, it almost always means they are universally adored by everyone else. In this case, Hajime and Chitose turn out to be extremely popular. They are even related to the school superintendent and currently serve as co-vice presidents of the student council! Tsumugi can’t believe all the adoration all the other girls are showing for the Ibara guys, but even more amazing are all of the stories about how close and friendly the cousins are. Friendly? Um, not is not how she saw them when they were fighting over that ring. They didn’t get along AT ALL! What a pair of liars.

Hajime and Chitose are leading the school assembly, and one of the main reasons for the gathering is the announcement of the candidates for the next round of student council elections. Due to some previous officers leaving, they need to conduct mid-year elections to fill some open positions. The main position they need to decide is Student Council President. Before Tsumugi can realize what is happening, she hears her name being announced. Wait, huh!? Ibara Chitose, looking rather smug, has just declared that Tsumugi is their endorsed candidate for the next Student Council President!

Hey now, this is crazy! It’s her first day at this school, and she hasn’t even officially started classes yet! She can’t suddenly become President! But the sway of Chitose and Hajime’s influence is strong. This, plus an unexpected act of heroism on Tsumugi’s part, lock her into the position. Tsumugi can’t believe this is happening to her. But Tsumugi knows the truth about how the cousins don’t get along, and how their image is totally fake. They need to keep a close eye on her. Besides, Chitose is convinced that Tsumugi would be great for the job. Tsumugi is not quite as convinced, but she will give it her best shot! Tsumugi’s enthusiasm, determination, and honesty is enough to make both Hajime and Chitose blush in reaction…

The first three chapters follow Tsumugi as she works hard in her new role, and finds some romance with one of the Ibara cousins. The last chapter is about the remaining Ibara boy and his own bit of arranged-marriage romance. It is a sweet story too. Thile this book isn’t exactly all-out blinding smutty, there are a few *ahem* ‘mature’ moments. This series did, after all, run in “Cheese!” magazine, which is one of the smuttier of the shoujo magazines. So be warned 🙂

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