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  • Title: Tomodachi no Housoku
  • Author: TSUKISHIMA Sango
  • Publisher (JP): Shueisha
  • Imprint: Margaret
  • Year: 2004
  • ISBN (JP): 978-4-08-847800-2
  • Licensed in North America?: No
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US):
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

How is this for a Random Shoujo Manga? I picked it at random from stuff I bought at random 🙂 I realized while reading this, that I do have another seies by this author, one that I also had always intended to eventually add to this site, but never got around to it yet. It’s kind of funny (well, to me) that I am covering this one first. Anyway, this is a cute set of 5 short stories that are all about high schoolers falling in love. I guess the theme that ties it all together is that they are all based on friendship or dislike that turns into love. The art style is simple, though not amazingly original. I think some stories look a little nicer than others. But they are all fun to read.

Story 1 actually focuses a little more on the relationship between two girls than to romance with a boy, but it is in here too. Our heroine is an average girl named Kazuha. Every day at school, she and her friends observe the antics of Imai-san, a very beautiful and popular classmate. Imai is sexy and flirty, and always seems to have several boys around her. Kazuha doesn’t like this flirtations behavior from Imai very much, playing around with so many guys. She would much rather have one love. In fact, there is one guy in particular that Kazuha likes — Koyama-kun. He is outgoing and friendly, and they have the same taste in music. Kazuha likes him a lot. But one day when she is trapped at school in the rain without an umbrella, she discovers that Koyama-kun and Imai-san are friends. Oh no! How can he be friendly with that trampy girl? Imai is not too friendly to Kazuha, either. She looks down on her, and calls her ugly. Can two girls with such different perspectives and personalities become friends? How can Kazuha win over Imai-kun when there is the beautiful Imai around?

Story 2 is an action packed adventure about a girl named Ayane-chan who has a problem — she has a stalker! This person is always following her, and at one point, he even attacks her and tries to grab her! Ayane is scared. The police are useless. The stalker keeps their face covered, so Ayane can’t give them any useful information for their investigation. One day Ayane realizes there may be a solution to her problem. She sees a sign posted that talks about an amazing student at her school. He is extremely well-skilled at sports and martial arts. Ayane decides to ask him for help! This guy’s name is Kanda-kun, and he is a bit skeptical about Ayane’s story of being stalked. And what is this, she wants him to be her Bodyguard? She can’t be serious? But Ayane is really worried, and even though he protests, Kanda-kun finds himself walking Ayane home from school… but hey wait a second, who is this creepy stalker?

Next up is a silly love-hate story! Rio-chan is a school girl with a definite sense of style. She accessorizes her hair, nails, and school uniform with all kinds of cute little clips, patches, and colors. She has a bunch of earrings in her ears. Her look is lively and fun. Her nails are especially bright and long, with fancy designs on them. Rio’s friends like her energetic style, but there is one classmate who is not impressed at all. It is her nemesis, KUSAZONO Kei. Every day they fight like cats and dogs. He is always butting down Rio’s style, and saying he dislikes it. Rio can’t stand it! But then one day, Rio sees Kei actually smile, and her feelings begin to change…

Story 4 is about a persistent girl named Arisu-chan. She is a first-year high school student who is in love with her senpai, Ryuuichirou. Arisu sticks to Ryuuichirou, trying to be friends, and having lunch with him, but he is continually cold to her, and brushes her off. He acts like he is just putting up with an annoyance. Even his friend is nicer to her. This frustrates Arisu, because she actually met him before she started at this school, and has been in love with him ever since. One day she was sitting outside by the beach, injured, and he gave her a band-aid and was very friendly (Awww, obviously the basis of True Love). He was so nice back then, but now he doesn’t seem to remember their meeting at all. Plus she has to deal with his fan club of bitchy girls! Ahhh! What’s a girl to do?

Finally, we have a simple story about Hina-chan, a girl who is in love with her classmate Kanta, but he treats her like a friend. He is rather popular in their class (no fan club though) and on their school class trip to ski lodge, everyone discovers that he is a very skilled snowboarder. In fact, his brother is a Pro, and he will probably go Pro as well. This only makes him more popular, and that depresses Hina-chan. Hina-chan’s friends know about her crush on him, but he seems blissfully unaware. That night, while in their sleeping bags in their cabin, Hina’s classmate tells a story about how there are ferrets who live in this area. In the summer they are brown, and in winter they are white. Because they are white and blend in so well, it is very difficult to see them. There is a legend about how if you see a white ferret with the person you like, then you’ll be together/good things will happen. Naturally, Hina thinks it would be great if she can spot a ferret with Kanta…

So, uh, yeah. The stories in this volume are simple and fun. I like how some of the heroines work hard towards their goals and for the most part, aren’t always helpless

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