My Theme Classifications Explained

> My Theme Classifications Explained

With the change in format of my Random Shoujo Manga page comes a change in how the summaries are sorted. I previously had them sorted into two very basic categories: Title and Author. Now I have sorted them into more categories based on my opinion about where the story fits. This will help people searching for a specific story type to find what they are looking for.

Remember, this sorting method is based on my opinion only ^_^ Right now I can still do a basic sort by Title or Date for the summaries, but I am having problems getting them to sort by Author. I am sorry about that, and will keep working on figuring out how to fix it. The best way to see a list of ALL the summaries on my site is to look at the TITLE list.
Here is a list of the categories I am using, and my definition of each one. Each series I summarize may appear in more than one theme category.

  • Romance – Most of the series I summarize are romances, but these are the more innocent ones that are suitable for all ages. Kissing is about as risque as they get. They are more cute than sexy.
  • Smutty Romance – These are shoujo romance series, but they are racier than series in the regular Romance category. These stories have SEX! Boobs! love hotels! ^_^;; These are stories that were probably originally published in Cheese or Sho-Comi magazine. They are more adult in nature or have more mature themes.
  • Crossdressing – Pretty self-explanatory. Series in this category have plots that rely heavily on one character crossdressing. Heroines pretending to be guys, guys pretending to be girls, it’s all good ^_^
  • Fantasy – These stories have some element of the supernatural. They could be set in completely different fantasy worlds, or they can involve magical things happening in the normal world.
  • Action-Adventure– These series don’t focus so much on romance. They are more action-oriented. I don’t read too many like this, but there are a few…
  • Teacher-Student – I end up summarizing enough of these to warrant a separate category for them. That is kind of scary!
  • One-Shot – some people like long series, other people like short stories. This section has manga summaries for one-volume stories.
  • Boys Love – I created this category in the off-chance that I may actually review some shounen ai stuff. I like BL and shounen ai, but I haven’t really summarized any of it here. That may change in the future.
  • Shounen – I had a shounen corner on my original site. That is more difficult to set up here. The summaries in the shounen section are, amazingly enough, SHOUNEN (boys) manga ^_-
  • English – These are series that have been licensed for domestic release in English in the US. Usually when I summarize stuff, it has not been licensed yet, but I am finding that a number of titles I talk about are getting picked up by US companies (yay!).

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