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I don’t have enough room on my front page for a ‘feature’ spot for every little gallery or article I want to add to this site, so I created this section to house some more writings on things I observe about shoujo manga, or link to some more galleries of artwork.

Sample Interior Artwork: When I first started this site, I used to include a small sample of what the interior of each manga looked like along with the usual cover scan. After converting the site to wordpress/blog format, I stopped doing this. However, I still have all these old interior images just sitting here on my computer, so I figured I’d create a gallery for them, in case anyone is curious. As for matching each picture to the manga it’s from? That’s a whole other project. ^^;;


Hazy Days: Something that has been bothering me for a very long time about the shoujo manga covers coming out from Shogakukan (Flower Comics) is this bizarre trend of applying some kind of translucent color haze to the front artwork, making the art more difficult to see, and making it more difficult for me to figure out if a book I see at the store is something I own or not, since I usually (ahem) judge a book by its cover ^_^; This drives me crazy. I like to see the color artwork! This is a gallery of examples of this color haze trend.

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