January 2015 Manga Haul

> January 2015 Manga Haul

So, Kinokuniya had a 20% Off Everything sale for Members today, and I couldn’t stay away. This was my haul. What’s scary is that they actually didn’t have most of the things I was looking for ^^;; The shelves were rather empty, like they were clearing out space in order to restock with new things. But those things had not arrived yet. *sigh* Yet I SOMEHOW found too many things to get. I really wish I had a Book-Off near me so I could get manga used instead…  anyway, here is today’s haul.


 Mitsuaji Strawberry, by MITSUKI Miko  Honey Buddy, by AKEGAMI Takara
 Hanamachi Oni (1), by SAKURADA Hina Yokoshima na Hatsukoi (2), by WAKUHARA Niko


Ai ga Chikyuu wo Sukuu no da!, by MORIO Masami  Nurekoi Hotel, by TOKIYAMA Hajime
Jigoku Sensei Nu~be~ NEO (1), by OKANO Takeshi Watashi no Koi wa Chocolate, by MACHIKO Iroi


 Kataomoi Shoten, by HATA Akimi Dondon Saka wo Kaketeku, by FUJIO Nami
 Rokka Melt (2), by TOMA Rei Rokka Melt (3), by TOMA Rei


Ai ga Chikyuu wo Sukuu no da!, by MORIO Masami  Mayonaka Atashi ni Tomaru Chou, by SAKURADA Hina
Warukoi Hotel, by TOKIYAMA Hajime My Neighbor Seki, by MORISHIGE Takuma

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