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  • Title: Bokura no Pink
  • Author: SAIJOU Ayano
  • Publisher (JP): Shogakukan
  • Imprint: Flower Comics
  • Year: 2009
  • ISBN (JP): 978-4-09-132380-4
  • Licensed in North America?: No
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US):
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

Even though the cover makes this look a bit like a reverse-harem story, that isn’t actually the case. I ended up picking this series up because of some silly artwork on the back cover that involved some sentai/power ranger type of characters. My general reaction was ‘wtf?’ which almost always means I will end up buying it 🙂 This is a romantic comedy series that is rather ridiculous, and surprisingly un-smutty, considering it ran in Cheese! magazine. The title makes it sound dirtier than it really is. The main story, Bokura no Pink lasts for 3 chapters, and takes up just over half of the book. There are 2 more equally ridiculous stories that finish off the volume. I have a few other things by this author, and while her art isn’t bad, for some reason it isn’t my favorite, either. It is pretty enough, and some of the characters are very cute, but sometimes the lines look messy. She does draw hot guys though 🙂 I also appreciate the author’s use of 70’s shoujo manga style during some sentai parody moments. It is cool how more authors these days are making use of great 70’s parody style!

In the main story, our heroine is a girl named Momoko. All her life, she has been a “Hero” otaku, or die-hard fan of “hero” tv series, sentai shows like Power Rangers. She has purchased all the goods, memorized all the info about all the characters, etc. In terms of fashion, Momoko is unexceptional. She wears her hair in two braids, and looks kind of plain and mousy. In middle school, there was a boy she really liked, so when she was going to confess to him, she decided to show her affection by giving him a sentai hero toy as a token of her feelings. However, before she could give it to him, she overhears him having a conversation with another guy, and they are making fun of her obsession with Hero shows! The guy she likes says some pretty mean things, and Momoko is crushed.

After graduating from middle school, Momoko vows that she will make a fresh start in high school. She will be attending a school where no one knows her, so she can hide her shameful past. She throws away all of her Hero series goods and renounces her otaku status. From now on, she will be a normal girl, and no one will make fun of her.

Ah, but what Momoko does not count on is that her new school is stranger than Momoko could have imagined. At her new high school, Momoko is surrounded by ads from the various school clubs trying to get the new 1st year students to join. Momoko can’t decide which club to join, and is pondering the question when a really handsome guy approaches her and asks her to join his club. Dazzled by his good looks, she follows him, and they are soon joined by two more equally handsome guys. What is this, the bishounen club? These guys are hot! And they want her in their club? But of course there is a catch. It turns out that the club she is being recruited into is the Hero Club! As in, a club devoted to those very sentai hero TV shows that caused her so much trouble in middle school! Even more, these guys don’t just express their fandom by collecting the toys or watching all the TV series. These guys actually DRESS UP as sentai fighters (in color-coordinated outfits, or course) and patrol the school, fighting crime on campus!

Momoko is horrified and thinks these guys are crazy! But they are very serious. The members of the club are MIDORIKAWA Nao (Green Ranger) , AKAI Kazuma (Red Ranger), and AOSAKI Sei (Blue Ranger). And they want Momoko to be their Pink Ranger! It is very convenient that all of their last names happen to match the color Ranger that they dress up as. ^_^ What is even more amazing is that these guys don’t seem to have any special powers or anything, they are just regular (but hot) guys who patrol the school, fighting for justice! Given her previous experience with Hero series, Momoko doesn’t want have anything to do with the club, but she gets a startling shock — instead of being looked down upon, like Momoko was at her middle school, these guys in their silly costumes are actually treated as idols by the girls of the school! Is everyone insane? Other girls seem to be envious of Momoko! But Momoko just can’t bring herself to embrace her love of Hero stories. Especially considering how poorly she gets along with Kazuma, the Red Ranger…

The next story in this volume is just as ridiculous as the first. In this case, our heroine, HIMENO Akane, is yet another poor Japanese shoujo manga heroine who is searching for her destined prince. A brave guy who is kind, strong, and will always stay by her side. She thinks she may have found her prince in her classmate Yuu-kun. However, he doesn’t seem as interested in Akane, and some jealous cfemale classmates are only too eager to deliver some shocking news- Yuu-kun seems to have a girl staying with him! They show her photos of Yuu with a very tall girl with long black hair. She looks very sexy and mature. Poor Akane! But Akane will not be deterred, so she goes to Yuu’s apartment to investigate. Shen ends up meeting the mysterious woman, Kei, and is shocked at how tall she is. Kei seems friendly enough, though, and Akane actually confesses her love for Yuu to Kei. Amazingly enough, Akane ends up striking up a friendship with her, too! What an odd situation! Things get more odd when Kei decides to stay over at Akane’s house. She is having some issues with some debt, and needs a place to lay low. Akane agrees, and soon she and Kei are good friends. But there is really more to this situation that what appears on the surface. What exactly, is the relationship between Yuu-kun and Kei? Kei has some (not quite) surprising secrets of her own. This story gets so silly, especially when it gets to the part that involves Akane leaping through the open door of an airplane that is taking off… er yeah. Crazy stuff here ^_^

In the last story, we have a timid heroine, Karin, has just made a shockingly bold move. Discarding her usual glasses, braids, and plain appearance, she has transformed herself into a cool, sexy girl, in order to confront the cool prince of the school basketball team, Kurokawa-kun. Kurokawa is tall and handsome, and has a reputation for his cold personality. But Karin knows his secret. Kurokawa is afraid of girls! She figured it out after seeing his quickly hidden blushing reaction when she (in her normal plain appearance) was pushed to the ground, and her underwear was exposed. His reaction was just too odd for such a popular and cool guy. It took all her guys, but Karin has a huge crush on Kurokawa, she she decided to take the chance. Confronting him with a cool and knowing attitude (all the while quivering with fear inside), Karin offers to teach him how to be a man, how to no longer be afraid of girls… Kurokawa is shocked. Who is this girl? How does she know his secret? He has never seen her at school before, can she really help him? Ok, this last story gets a bit smutty, as you may guess 🙂 It is still just as ridiculous as the other two stories, though! 🙂

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  1. HA! This sounds bizarre enough to be good! This goes on my list of shoujo to read. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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