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  • Title: Vampire Crisis
  • Author: IBUKI Kaede
  • Publisher (JP): Shogakukan
  • Imprint: Mobile Flower
  • Year: 2009
  • ISBN (JP): 978-4-09-132416-0
  • Licensed in North America?: No
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US):
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

Three things prompted me to buy this volume. First, it’s about a vampire. Yay vampires! They are trendy right now, and a silly teen vampire romance seemed like a timely choice. Second, this cover has some very “serious business” English on it, saying such menacing things as “…called back from the world of darkness… he can fulfill one of your wishes, you must give your blood for it…” oooooooh, lol 🙂 Combine this serious description with the chibi/SD version of our dangerous vampire pictured on the back cover, and, well, I’m sold! See, I am so easy to please! This is a one-shot book by an author who I have previously enjoyed (she did the fun student-teacher series, Oshiete, Sensei Jijou. Her art is usually nice, and she has a good sense of humor. Something unique about this series is that it is from “Mobile Flower Comics,” a line of manga for cellphones in Japan. I didn’t notice anything different in how the pages in this book are set up, so I am not sure how this actually looks when viewed with a cellphone, but I am curious to find out someday.

The first two chapters in this book feature our vampire from the cover. His name is Rainford, and his sudden arrival out of thin air surprises our heroine, Hisoka, very much! It seems that Hisoka has somehow managed to summon this vampire out of a book she was reading! Rainford was drawn to Hisoka, sensing her anger over recently being dumped by her boyfriend. I mean, come on, the guy dumped Hisoka after they had only been dating for a week, claiming he was in love with some one else! What nerve!

When Rainford suddenly appears, Hisoka is scared, and tries to use traditional methods to keep him away (garlic, crosses, sunlight) but none of these things work! In fact, Rainford, rather likes sunlight, commenting on the lovely weather, and setting up a table near a sunny window. In spite of his dangerous looks on the cover, Rainford turns out to be a very silly and pesky vampire. He claims Hisoka is his Madamoiselle, and he even offers to exact revenge on Hisoka’s ex-boyfriend! And he does! In a very amusing way ^_^

Before she knows it, he is moving in with her and following her to school. He is sticking with Hisoka until he takes her blood and grants her wish. After which, he will disappear. After being rather surly and resistant at first, Hisoka warms up to Rainford, and soon they actually become friends. Rain’s antics are funny and magical, and soon Hisoka starts to fall for him. However, there is also a time limit to his contract with her, and it seems like no matter what she does, they will be parted…

The next story is about a girl named Fujishiro who has a crush on her former classmate, Yashiro-kun. They were classmates in middle school, but were soon separated when he left to attend an all-boys high school. But she hasn’t forgotten him, and often goes to his school to admire him playing basketball. There is a shrine near the school, and this is where Fujishiro gets into some trouble. She passes by the shrine and decides to stop and make a wish. She wants to be able to give Yashiro-kun the sweatband she bought for him (as a sign of her affection) and she wants them to have a mutual love relationship. It’s a great sentiment, but the gods of the shrine have other ideas. Fujishiro hears a voice saying that her wish has been granted, and the next thing she knows, she is being pelted by a hailstorm of bells falling form the sky. They hit her, and she huddles to escape the shower. Bust she experiences some strange pain, and after the storm passes, she is shocked to see she has turned into a boy! Even more interesting, Yashiro-kun witnessed the transformation! Fortunately for Fujishiro, she doesn’t have to try and explain everything to Yashiro, he saw it all, and wants to help her. what else can he do, but sneak her into his dorm? So begins Fujishiro’s adventures as a boy. Will she be able to change back?

Next up is a story of two classmates who are friends, but ones that fight and insult each other all the time. Their school festival is coming up and sure enough, there are Taiyo-kun and Natsume are throwing insults at each other. However, Natsume is secretly sad to hear Taiyo’s joking remarks, when he makes fun of her maid costume. She won’t admit it, but she bought it just for him. Yes, this crazy couple obviously harbors secret feelings for each other, but will either of them ever be able to break free of their habit of fighting and confess?

The last story is one of those magical romances between a girl and a guy in a coma. Nana and Eeichi are childhood friends. Even though he is older than her a little bit, they always played together, and even created a time capsule containing a pair of rings that they vowed to open 10 years later. Unfortunately, things take a turn when Eeichi gets injured while protecting Nana from a car crash. He ends up in a coma, and Nana is devastated. But she does not abandon Eeichi, she faithfully takes care of him in the hospital, and for so many years she has stayed by his side. Now she is a teenager, and one day, while attending to Eeichi, she is shocked when what looks like a ghost appears in the room! It’s Eeichi, with wings! He looks like an angel, is Eeichi dead? No, his body is still alive… Eeichi’s consciousness has manifested, and Nana can even touch him! She is so happy, and wants to go find their time capsule to open together! But how can she exchange a ring with someone who isn’t really there? Eeichi’s form isn’t solid. Why is he appearing now, anyway? Is something bad happening to Eeichi?

This set of stories with a supernatural twist is a fun read. Things do get a little smutty, though it’s not outright graphic or anything. I would actually like to see more of Taiyou and Natsume and the genderbending couple of Fujishiro and Yashiro. I feel like things have only just begun with them! Need more! 🙂

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