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  • Title: Cherries Fight
  • Author: Yasuko
  • Publisher (JP): Shogakukan
  • Imprint: Flower Comics
  • Year: 2009
  • ISBN (JP): 978-4-09-132233-3
  • Licensed in North America?: No
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US):
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

As if the cover of this volume wasn’t eye-catching enough, with this cute girl looking omg-so-serious in her bathrobe and guns, it was really the back cover that had me laughing and picking this one up off the shelf. If you judge the book by the front cover, it is somewhat hard to get an idea of what this book may be about. What is with the guns? Is this an action/spy/crime story? Why is she in a robe? But then when you look at the back cover, you’ll see this is not the serious book the front would let you think it is. On the back, we have the same girl, except she is in bed with a really hot guy. And the look on her face is so comically horrified! She looks completely panicked, while the guy is peacefully snoring. Now with a setup like this, I had to see what would happen! This book is a one-shot volume containing 4 short stories. They are all your general cute romance type of story. I like Yasuko’s artwork. I have talked about some of her other series on this site before. I do wonder where this “Cherries Fight” name came from though! 😀

In middle school, Hajime-kun and Minami-chan were good friends. They hung out together, shared homework/notes, and joked around. But things changed when they started high school. Hajime suddenly drew several inches taller and became really popular with the girls at their high school. He would get all excited by the gifts the girls would give him, and e would brag to Minami about how great it is. “Aren’t you envious?” He was happily joking, but his words made Minami so angry, she was rude back to him, and ever since then, they have sort of grown apart. Technically, you could still say they are friends, but they don’t really talk anymore.

Therefore, you may understand Minami’s shock when she wakes up in a hotel room, nearly naked, and in bed with Hajime! What happened?? Minami feels awful, and she can’t remember anything about the night before. She was out with some classmates, including Hajime. But then…? Did she… sleep with him? Minami is horrified. Hajime’s words don’t calm Minami’s misery either. Did they, or didn’t they? How did she end up in that room with him? When Minami’s period is late, she really starts to panic. How will Hajime respond?

The second story is about a 2nd year high school girl named Ayaka. All she wants is a loving boyfriend, but for some reason, she has the hardest time finding someone who doesn’t want to take advantage of her. She seems to be open to new relationships, so she is somewhat known for accepting whatever guy will ask her out. Of course, this means she ends up with a bunch of losers, who think she is easy and pounce on her. Ayaka is optimistic and goes into relationships trustingly, but she freaks out when the guys immediately try to get into her pants. There are rumors circulating the school about her, and she is always getting confessions from the guys. But will she ever find true love? It may just be possible. Just as Ayaka is coming out of a bad relationship, she gets another letter of confession in her locker. It turns out to be from a guy named Hayato, who had witnessed Ayaka’s boyfriend try to force her. Could Hayato be the one? Well, he is different. He is only a 1st year, and he is short and cute. Much different from her usual type…

Next up is a fun story about a cute girl named KAKEI Masumi who is small and wears her hair in braids, and wears glasses. She does her best to keep a low profile in class, and not many people at school know who she is. But the truth is that her shy and timid exterior is all a sham. Just last year, Masumi was a Yankee, a tough delinquent girl who was in a gang and would get into fights a lot! Her personality back then was very rough and tough. She is doing her best to become normal, but it is tough, considering both of her parents are gang member types too, and she was raised to be tough and dress in that delinquent style. She was teased at her middle school for her weird ways, but now, thanks to a a school-wide competition and a nimination by a classmate in her new high school class, her secret past may be exposed…!

The last story follows a girl named TAKAGI. She is the captain of her school’s Kendo team. She is a very strong competitor and trains the team hard. Too hard, in fact. Takagi is so rough on her teammates that they can’t take it anymore. The story begins with her walking into the kendo dojo and finding that almost the entire team has quit. Takagi is just too harsh of a taskmaster! But not everyone has quit. There is one holdout, a cute guy named Yoshii. Takagi can’t believe it, but he seems to enjoy her rough practice regimen. Is there a reason he sticks with her, or is he just a masochist? Haha this story is cute!

I liked a lot of the stories in this book because even though the girls were a bit uncertain when it comes to romantic stuff, they are otherwise very strong girls. In particular, I liked Kakei-Masumi from story #3.

There are also little notes between the chapters that talk about the making of each story. Each note has a cute drawing of the characters from the story in question. Some of the drawings provide further insight to the stories, such as one that shows Some of what Hajime was doing in the hotel room with Minami when her memory was blanked out 😀

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