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  • Title: Kiken na Honey
  • Author: HONDA Natsumi
  • Publisher (JP): Shogakukan
  • Imprint: Flower Comics
  • Year: 2008
  • ISBN (JP): 978-4-09-132005-6
  • Licensed in North America?: No
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US):
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

Ahh, now here is a collection of silly, improbable, romantic short stories for ya! I liked the cover art here, and thought when I saw it, ‘ooh, he looks so dangerous! ^_- The art inside this volume is nice, if fairly typical for stuff published in Cheese! magazine. Here we have a one-shot volume that contains 5 short stories. They are: Kiken na Honey; Kaizoukei Darling; Kiss made no Ondo; Motto, Zutto; and Gokujou Narcissist. Even though these were published in Cheese!, they aren’t really smutty. There are a few bed scenes, but they are all those one-panel ‘cuddling afterwards with a happy glow’ sort of moments, heheh 🙂

The first story, Kiken na Honey, is about a girl named Yoshino who awakens to find an unexpected bishounen in her bed! Wow, this happens so much in shoujo manga land. These poor girls and their bishounen-attracting beds. It’s crazy. Anyway, Yoshino is shocked to find this really hot guy with her. Then she is worried when he asks her if she remembers anything from last night. This triggers a memory of her finding him nearly passed out on the ground in front of her house. In a fit of stupidityconcern and charity, she drags him inside and puts him to bed. Wow, talk about trusting. Then again, it must be nice to randomly trip over hot guys in the street like this. The guy, named Kei, is a bit flirty and teases Yoshino a bit before she smuggles him out of her house (past her clueless but nosy family) and they end up going out on a date. Who exactly is Kei? Yoshino knows instinctively he isn’t a bad person, but he is very mysterious and has a dangerous aura around him. He is also chivalrous when you least expect it. What is Kei hiding?

Next is a story about a very cute couple. Miwa-chan and Atsushi-kun. They are very lovey-dovey, but their classmates just can’t understand why they are so close. What a boring, plain couple they are! Miwa cares about Atsushi a lot, and insists he is amazing, but no one really believes her. She doesn’t care, Atsushi is the best boyfriend, and she is excited about finally sleeping with him! But things get sidetracked, and the couple learns that Atsushi’s family has a debt, and the only way he can stay in school is to enter a handsome guy contest (the top prize is an exemption from tuition!) Fortunately, Atsushi is one of those guys who looks extremely hot when he takes off his glasses… Atsushi’s sudden hotness and popularity and the competition create many problems for the couple to overcome!

Next up is the story of Yuuna, a poor girl who suffers the horrible plight of having two bishounen around her! Oh the poor thing! The guys are very different, too. Retsu has dark hair and a bristling personality. He is like a grumpy wild dog. Meanwhile, Riichi is fair, and has a personality more like a whimsical or mysterious cat. Riichi likes to flirt with Yuuna in a seductive way, but is he really serious about her? But then things get more complicated when Retsu confesses to her! Poor poor Yuna is trapped in a love triangle. Who will she choose?

Next is a very adorable story about opposites attracting. Haruhi-chan is a bit of a mess. She sleeps in late, has a messy appearance, and only does ‘ok’ in school. Meanwhile, her close family and childhood friend, Tadashi, is Mr. Perfect. Tadashi is tall, handsome, popular, smart, and is always so elegant and groomed properly. Haruhi likes Tadashi, but she can’t really compare to his perfection. Tadashi always acts so strict and almost parental towards her, as if she was just a child. He doesn’t even see her as a girl! What can Haruhi do?

Finally, Chika-chan is always facing off with her childhood friend, Saimon. Saimon is yet another tall, handsome popular guy (I am sensing a trend here…). But his personality is impossibly arrogant! He knows he is popular and handsome, and he has many girlfriends. Even worse, he is confident that Chika-chan must fall in love with him too! Chika hates his arrogance, and acts like Saimon is her enemy, but how does she really feel?

These stories are all pretty obvious, but they are still extremely cute and drawn nicely. I get the feeling like the quick one-panel bedroom scenes are only there to meet a minimal smut requirement for Cheese magazine, lol 🙂 I wonder if there is such a thing! Anyway, this is a cute book, so check it out!

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