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  • Title: LoveHo no Ojousama
  • Author: HIBIKI Ai
  • Publisher (JP): Shogakukan
  • Imprint: Flower Comics
  • Year: 2008
  • ISBN (JP): 978-4-09-132006-3
  • Licensed in North America?: No
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US):
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

Smut time! Well, ok, not exactly, but with a title involving Love Hotels, I had hopes that the stories would be a bit smutty ^_^. *sigh* Actually, this could have been a lot smuttier. XD This surprised me, considering these stories ran in Cheese! magazine, one of the more ecchi girls manga magazines. At any rate, this collection of short stories is very cute. I like this author’s art style, and I am amused at the tsundere guys in the stories. They all seem so mean and cool, but they are really blushing pushovers 😛 This book contains 5 stories, plus a short little story that brings back the characters from the first story.

It it is the first story that goes with the title of the volume. It is the only one that really approaches smuttiness, but compared to some other stuff that has run in Cheese! this is rather mild. Our heroine Miori has a problem. She is a cute girl, polite and gentle, and rich. However, the macho playboy of her school, Tora-kun has discovered her shocking secret. Everyone at achool knows she is rich due to her family being part of a hotel empire. What everyone doesn’t know, and what Tora has apparently found out, is that the hotel business her family is in is the LOVE HOTEL business! Now this cute but totally lecherous guy knows her secret, and it looks like he is very determined to take advantage of the knowledge! Blackmail?

Next up is the story of Yuki-chan, a girl who has just discovered that the Satoya-kun, guy she has loved from afar, is now dating her close friend, and they appear to be a very happy couple. In her sadness over this turn of events, she decides to get a job to stay busy, and much to her surprise, Takuma, the boss (or “master”) of the cafe she applies at, happens to look remarkably like Satoya! Yuki is amazed. It is almost as if by working at the cafe, she can be near Satoya. However, Takuma’s personality could not be more different than Satoya’s. Takuma is bossy and strict, and is a tough boss. He makes Yuki so mad! How could someone who looks so much like Satoya be so different?

Story three is about Chi-chan and Shouta-kun, who are best friends and are very close. They are both class representatives, and everyone in their class things they get along very well. They are often teased about their relationship, but Shouta-kun is quick to remind everyone that Chi is his close friend. He doesn’t really see her as a “girl”. She is cute, athletic, tomboyish, and shares a lot of his interests in sports and video games. However for her part, Chii doesn’t see Shouta in quite the same way. She actually is in love with him. But it is something she can’t tell him for fear of ruining their friendship. It is painful to see him with his other girlfriends. But one day, Chi gathers her courage, and, under the cover of darkness, steals a kiss…

Next up is a story of childhood friends reunited after 7 years apart. When they were children, Naru-chan and Ryou-kun were good friends and liked each other a lot. They even put together a time capsule (which Naru decides to call a “Time Machine”) and put presents inside for each other’s future self. They bury the capsule at their school. The next day, Naru moves away, and she doesn’t return until 7 years later, when she is surprised to run into Ryou-kun again! And wow, has Ryou-kun changed! He is tall and handsome, and rather pushy! He is excited when he realizes that Naru has returned. He wants to know where the time capsule is, but, er, she can’t remember exactly where they buried it…

Oh wow, the next story involves an unexpected naked bishounen and conveniently absent parents! Tsukasa lives by herself while her mother works overseas. One day after returning home from school, she is shocked to find a (hot) naked guy in her bathroom! Wait, how did he get there? Who is he?! His name is Touya, and it turns out he was sent by Tsukasa’s parents to be her own personal housekeeper! Touta is the son of a friend of Tsukasa’s father, and he really needed a part time job, so her parents said he could look after Tsukasa. Wow, what great parents. I want my own personal bishounen housekeeper too! He looks cute in an apron, and he cooks wonderfully. He is also very devoted to her. Yeesh, poor girl, such troubles!

The last story is just a couple of pages long, and it brings us back to Miori the love hotel queen and Tora-kun, the school playboy. What happens when Miori introduces him to her parents? The results are very entertaining 🙂

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