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  • Title: Secret Kiss
  • Author: AIKAWA Saki
  • Publisher (JP): Shogakukan
  • Imprint: Flower Comics
  • Year: 2007
  • ISBN (JP): 978-4-09-131358-4
  • Licensed in North America?: No
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US):
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

Ooh pretty cover here! I like the detail in the coloring of the hair ^_^ I bought this one for the title, ‘Secret Kiss’. Why yes, I thought, this looks like it might be a student teacher one! And hey, it IS! Hurrah! 😀 What is up with Flower Comics these days. I have noticed a bunch of their recent releases have cover designs like this where they are sort of airbrushed over with a translucent color. In this case, the edges and the pictures all have a pink halo around them. In the other volume I talked about today, “Animal Jungle”, there is a definite yellow glow all around the image. I keep seeing this all over the place now. I wonder if the same editor is working on their covers. Anyway, this is a very cute one-shot volume. The main story, “Secret Kiss” takes up the first half. Then there are 2 more unrelated one-shot stories. I love the art in this!

Yes, the first story is yet ANOTHER student-teacher romance. However, this one is somewhat different. The heroine, Wakana-chan, is 16, and is attending a juku, or ‘cram school’ after her regular school hours to help her prepare for her school entrance exams. The teacher is 19 year-old Toudou-sensei, a college student who teaches at the cram school for his part-time job. So at least the age difference here isn’t huge 🙂

So, Wakana is a student at the cram school, and she actually has someone she is already in love with- a guy named Mizuno. She is thrilled when Mizuno sends her a message agreeing to meet up with her. She is less than thrilled when her teacher, Toudou-sensei takes away her cell phone with the all-important invitation from Mizuno-kun on it! But her anger turns to surprise when Toudou-sensei, a teacher who is known for being strict and kind of scary in class, point-blank asks her to go out with him! But Wakana turns him down because, after all, she is in love with Mizuno. Besides, Toudou-sensei couldn’t actually be serious about her, could he? The idea seems so ridiculous!

The second story is about a couple that is already going out. Yayoi-chan has been dating the extremely cute Koga-kun for one month now. However she is already feeling insecure about their relationship. She is having dreams about him breaking up with her. When Koga cancels an upcoming date, she tries to act cheerful about it, but inside she begins to panic. This is what happened with her former boyfriend right before they broke up- he would break off planned dates and would get annoyed at her if she complained or acted upset about the change in plans. Furthermore, Koga is a popular soccer player at her school, and the soccer club manager has been making a definite play for him, trying to steal him away from Yayoi! Yayoi doesn’t want Koga-kun to hate her, so she does her best to be a pleasant girlfriend, but the truth is, her efforts may be backfiring on her!

The last story is about a very pretty girl, ARISUGAWA Koto. She is the student class president at her girls school, and is liked and admired by the classmates around her. However, her calm days are shattered when she encounters Taichi-kun, a boy she knew back in elementary school. Actually, she had a huge crush on him back then, and even confessed to him. Unfortunately, his response was to make fun of her, and taunt her, calling Koto ‘Ugly! Ugly! Ugly!’ She remembers the incident with horrible clarity, and unfortunately, Taichi obviously remembers it too! Does he still feel the same?

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