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  • Title: Sensei wa Ore no Mono
  • Author: Mie, Chika
  • Publisher (JP): Futabasha
  • Imprint: Jour Comics
  • Year: 2008
  • ISBN (JP): 978-4-575-33370-1
  • Licensed in North America?: No
  • Also Known As:
  • Publisher (US):
  • ISBN (US):
  • Anime Version? No
  • Live Action? No

Hey hey, we can never have too many teacher-student series, right? Well, ok, this is actually sort of a school-nurse/student series, but it is almost the same thing. And yeah, they all have the same essential plot, but they are my not-so-secret guilty pleasure, so here we go again! This is a series from a publisher I have almost no other titles from. It appears to be based on a cell-phone novel, and the comic ran in a magazine called “Comic Mahou no iLand” which specializes in comic adaptations like this. The author and artist are also completely new to me, but the art work is very adorable, and there is something about the characters in this that makes me say ‘awwww!” The art style is clean, pretty, and reasonably well-proportioned, for a shoujo series. This volume does get a little bit smutty, but it’s nothing much 🙂

So yeah, this is a series about forbidden love at school. The heroine is a high school nurse/teacher-of-the-handicapped named Natsu. The hero is a very handsome and enthusiastic student named Tachibana. Natsu, called “Na-chan” by Tachibana-kun, is short, cute, and not exactly the most confident adult ever, but when push comes to shove, she can make her wishes known. She is a little shy, but she has strong morals.

Tachibana is popular and handsome, but he isn’t a cold, calculating player. Well, not any more. Before he fell for Natsu, he did like to fool around with a lot of girlfriends. But that ended when he fell for Natsu at first sight during a school assembly where she was being introduced as a new teacher. Around Natsu, Tachibana has an open, expressive personality. He likes Na-chan before this story even starts, and he is not exactly shy about letting her know. However, he does show SOME common sense in that he doesn’t broadcast his interest to the whole school, but he makes it very clear to Na-chan that he likes her. He always goes to the infirmary, where she treats any illness (real or imaginary) that he claims to have. He is like a puppy dog, excited, and clingy, and eager, and really blushing and cute around her.

Natsu does her best to fend off Tachibana’s advances, but it can be difficult sometimes.
Our story really begins when Tachibana stops his silly flirting and really confesses his love to Na-chan and asks her to date him. Of course, as teacher and student, Na-chan just can’t accept a confession and request such as this. She is flustered and confused, and tries to be mature and proper. But it is obvious that his confession does not leave her unaffected. Natsu thinks he can’t be serious about her. After all, this is a boys school, so he must have a crush on her simply because she is one of the only females around. But he insists he loves her. And, going by all his thoughts about her, this is true.

But Na-chan, even though she is attracted to Tachibana, valiantly resists giving in to temptation. This only makes Tachibana try harder to get her to fall for him. However, he does have some other obstacles to face as well. There is another teacher who likes Na-chan too, not to mention a handsome, cool (yet evil) sempai ex-boyfriend!

Something I really enjoy about this series is how often they show what both characters are thinking and will show things from both Natsu’s and Tachibana’s perspective. Often series like this will be very one-sided, but in this case we get a good view of how Na-chan feels about Tachibana and his thoughts about her as he pursues her. Of course, most of the time he is thinking about how cute Na-chan is, but there are lots of funny little moments in their thoughts. I wonder if this is because the series is based on a novel (even a cell-phone one)? Hmm. Anyway, this just makes both characters more adorable to me 😀

Another thing to note is that most of the characters in this book speak with an accent (Osaka, I think?) so reading some of the dialog can be challenging.

This is a publisher I haven’t read before, and haven’t seen at my local book store before, so I hope I can find a copy of volume 2!

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